Advantages IOM Service

In addition to the many benefits of Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IOM), such as the possibility to operate in a particularly "nerve-sparing" way and thus avoid consequential damage, the IOM Service >> offers the following advantages:

Advantages for surgeons:

  • Continuous monitoring of neuronal structures increases safety during surgical interventions
  • Highly specialised IOM experts provide prompt feedback
  • An intraoperative post-operative prognostic tool
  • Eliminate the need for a wake-up test
  • You are not required to have prior knowledge of the IOM equipment
  • Postoperative IOM report given if requested

Advantages for patients:

  • Life threatening incidents can possibly be prevented
  • Postoperative quality of life potentially improved
  • Possible reduction of neurological consequential damages
  • Shortening of the operation times by omitting a potential intraoperative wake-up test


Advantages for your business managers:

  • No investment in monitoring equipment necessary
  • The basic accessories are included in the price of the IOM service
  • No additional personnel are required for the service, this makes training of your staff not necessary
  • The deployment of your personnel can be planned more flexibly
  • The IOM service can be easily calculated
  • Optimized post-operative outcomes shorten bed occupancy times
  • Time saving during the operation
  • Promoting image - IOM is the gold standard in many clinics

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